In My Glass

Here you will find all the wines and drinks I’m currently sipping and sometimes my food pairing information for them. Tastes and opinions are my own and you should always drink things you like, and mindfully. I think drinking different grape varieties nd expanding your horizons when it comes to wine in particular, is the best way to develop your palate and work out what you like and don’t like in a wine. By looking, smelling, tasting and thinking about what you drink you can easily improve your wine palate.

  • Unico Zelo
    Sea Foam 2020 Fiano Pet Nat Riverland , South Australia Have you ever had a Pet Nat? Pet Nat is short for Pétillant Naturel and it is the oldest method of making a sparkling wine. It involves bottling the wine while it is still fermenting. In simplest terms grapes are full of sugar and they haveContinue reading “Unico Zelo”
  • South By South West
    2020 Rosé Margaret River I don’t know where the warm weather went this week but I can pretend it’s still sunny and warm with this gorgeous South by South West 2020 Rosé. This wine is made from Shiraz and Viognier with a dash of barrel fermented Chenin added for complexity. This is just gorgeous, onContinue reading “South By South West”
  • Cantina Puianello
    Lambrusco Rosso A gorgeous find was this Cantina Puianello Lambrusco Rosso Ancestrale from Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy. Gorgeous dark red in the glass with dry and creamy fine bubbles, notes of red fruit and spices. I’ve always been fond of dry Lambrusco, growing up a with extended Italian family it was common place at theContinue reading “Cantina Puianello”
  • Barossa Wine Cartel
    2020 Rosé My friend and winemaker Josh Pfieffer has started the Barossa Wine Cartel label with his wife Ellen. Formerly the winemaker at Whistler Wines in the Barossa run by his family where his ‘Dry as a Bone’ Rosé is one of my all time favourite Rosé, expectations were high for this and I wasContinue reading “Barossa Wine Cartel”

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